BCM works featuring educational elements of expressivity and song-like lines.

teaching LYRICISM


1861 (Newman)
Choral hymn textures, teaching ensemble and intonation, as well as extended contemporary and improvisatory techniques.

Cloudburst (Whitacre)
Teach contemporary playing techniques to create evocative textures and paint a lyrical and theatrical picture: including improvisatory notation and choral singing.

Courage & Compassion (Bonney)
Spacious phrases with a Copland-esque texture.

Moon by Night (Newman)
Long, lyrical lines and balance of a chorale-like texture

October (Whitacre)
Now a classic, teaching musicality and phrasing with beautiful melodies.

Reflections in a Tidal Pool (Bonney)
A short, introspective meditation, with slow, breath-like phrases.

Sleep (Whitacre)
Song-like lines which allow teaching of a "singing" playing technique and phrasing.


A Million Suns at Midnight (Bryant)
Two versions: 1) SATB chorus, string orchestra, and band; 2) SATB chorus and band
Balancing with chorus (and strings).

As the scent of spring rain... (Newman)
Balance of multiple contrapuntal lines, and lyricism and delicacy of playing technique.

Rise (Bryant)
Lyricism, intonation, awareness of large phrases.


Alchemy in Silent Spaces (Bryant) (three movements)
Extended flute solos in Mvts. I and II; exposed orchestral writing; large phrase arcs; Mvt. III has constant meter and dynamic shifts, and requires endurance from the trumpet section.