BCM International is a consortium of four composers who strive to create high-quality literature for all concert and educational mediums. While diverse in background and stylistic approach, we share a desire to enrich the repertoire with music unbound by traditional thought or idiomatic cliché.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

BCM had full virtual quorum last evening at Newm's house, where we dialed up Jim on the old video iChat for a BCM summit. We have some exciting plans for the MidWest booth this year, so if you're planning on going, make sure you come by #325 - it will be THE coolest 80 square feet on the convention floor...

Here we are - Jim (aka Captain Caveman) is on screen, and in the upper righthand corner you can see me, Eric, and Newm. Jim's grown some serious hair since I last saw him:

We then headed out for dinner. After a fine meal of No. 1 Chinese (that's the name of the place - really - and they're right), we joined a crowd of folks at the SoHo Grand for drinks and banter. The ladies in attendance refused to be photographically documented (so much wiser than the men). So, here are the less-pretty members of the evening's activities, just before we all parted for the evening:

Left to right: John Mackey, Eric Whitacre, Michael Torke, Jonathan Newman, Steven Bryant
(Special shout-out to Marion for snapping the photo!) 

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Eric's in New York for a couple of days, speaking to a choral workshop, so 3/4 of BCM got together and devoured our share of sushi and sake last evening at Yama:

Alec Baldwin came in at one point, but they were full up, and couldn't seat him. He left. He missed out on some fine sushi...

Afterward, we made sure to clear our systems out with martinis at Cibar:

Were secret plans for BCM's next phase of world domination hatched? You bet... 

Monday, June 06, 2005

Newm and I spent the evening at Sal Anthony's hanging with Robyn Wilkes and her Ridgeland HS band. I don't know what Newm said to them all, but I asked light-hearted questions like "What are you doing to do with your life?" I'm sure they appreciated it mightily...

Here's Robyn with two BCM thugs (namely, Newm, and myself):

We also got to meet one of the BCM Forum members, William Hays. Here we are after a dinner conversation trying to decide the future course of his life and college education. He's still smiling, so either we helped in some fashion, or he's just numb:

And last, but certainly NOT least, here's the entire charming mass of blue-shirted musicians known as the Ridgeland HS band, along with Newm and myself, holding our brand-spanking-new Ridgeland HS New York trip t-shirts:

To Robyn, Gary, the chaperones and of course, the BAND, thanks for letting us hang with you for a little while tonight. Hope you have a safe trip home, and enjoy your summer!