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Sunday, March 27, 2005

RedLine Lives!

Last night I visited the SpinDrift Percussion Group at Rutgers University to hear them rehearse their newly-commissioned version of RedLine for percussion quartet. I have to say I'm excited about this - it's going to ROCK. We made a lot of changes which will definitely bring it to life the way I'd hoped. Many thanks to Sarah, Annie, Aaron, and Barrett for commissioning this and for putting up with the occasional out-of-range notes, impossible 5-note chords, and logistical challenges.

Here's the group rehearsing:

Group photo:

When the concert date(s) are finalized I'll be posting them on the usual Upcoming Performances page - keep an eye out!


Friday, March 25, 2005

It's BCM at Carnegie Hall all weekend long ... tonight (as I type) Anthony Bailey and The Hart Regiment performs Jim's Reflections in a Tidal Pool in that famed venue, and on Sunday, Bill Berz and his Rutgers Wind Ensemble performs the new work I wrote for them for the CBDNA Conference here in NY last month, The Rivers of Bowery, also at Carnegie. The hallowed Isaac Stern Auditorium rings with the sounds of BCM!