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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Terrific performance today at the National CBDNA Conference here in New York—Bill Berz and his excellent Rutgers Wind Ensemble, in the midst of a very challenging program, premiered THE RIVERS OF BOWERY, my new work written for the occasion. Great reactions to the piece all around, and I was of course thrilled. Another highlight of the afternoon was Texas A&M Commerce's masterful concert, featuring BCM-friend Jeff Gershman's brilliant arrangement of Zappa's G-Spot Tornado.

Again, my thanks to Bill and the ensemble for their hard work and artistry, and onward with a great CBDNA weekend! 

Sunday, February 13, 2005

TMEA Day 3:

The whole convention culminates on Saturday with the All-State concerts - choruses, orchestras, and bands neverending...

At 1:30, we checked out John Mackey's piece, RedLine Tango - smokin' piece. Lila Cockrell Theater kind of sucks the life out of music, though - since they removed the permanent shell, all the low frequencies get swallowed and the music sounds a lot softer and less present than it should. Stampede suffered from the same phenomenon on Thursday night with the UNT Wind Symphony. Regardless, RedLine Tango kicks *ss. I don't have usable pictures - E and I were sitting in the last row of the top tier, so were approximately 1 mile from the stage...

We had a while until Eric's concert at 6pm, so we retreated to the hotel room. Here's Eric in a moment of repose, answering questions on the BCM Discussion Forum:

Eric speaks before the premiere of Lux Aurumque with the 5A All-State Symphonic Band. The band played REALLY, REALLY, WELL. The piece (and their whole concert) was extraordinary. Lux translated surprisingly well for winds, especially for a 165-piece symphonic band...

Afterward, Eric was mobbed for autographs as is standard procedure. After the throngs cleared, Montoya's lovely lady, Sarah, moved in for the kill:

Eric sports the template for his new tattoo. We can't show you the actual tattoo, since this is a family blog. (Note for humor impaired: this is a joke.)

Steve, Montoya, and Eric. Steve needs to practice his hand-signs, as well as his attitude (hey, "B" is a lot harder than "C" or "M"!!!).

Eric and Maestro Gary Green, seconds before we all headed off to Boudro's for some ultra-delicious steak fare and comraderie. Perhaps Mackey will post some pictures of the food on his blog. I was too busy eating it to take pictures...

Conclusion: TMEA 2005 a big success! 

Saturday, February 12, 2005

TMEA Day 2:

A long, fun day...

Eric making last minute revisions and corrections to Lux before the morning rehearsal

Gary Green conferring with Eric during the All-State Symphonic Band's Lux rehearsal

Eric getting mobbed for autographs after the Lux rehearsal

Eric speaks to the Arlington HS chorus just before their concert in the afternoon. They performed Lux Aurumque as well!

Next up: John Corigliano's Symphony No. 3: Circus Maximus (got to hear it in pieces - the official complete world premiere is next week). It's truly astonishing, even in a ballroom, so I can't wait to hear it in Carnegie Hall in a couple of weeks. I'm far too tired this morning to recount the piece, but there's this chord - this single chord - that is the loudest thing I've ever heard in concert music...

Steve, John Corigliano, John Mackey, Eric (with out-of-control blink reflex)

John Corigliano and Jerry Junkin after the presentation

Eric with the Do Fa Sisterhood (you'll have to ask them for the story...)

Hanging with the infamous and hip Montoya...

Closing out the evening at Zinc with our ponchos and the Texas Tech posse (Pam, Gary, Catherine - had a great time hanging out with you - BCM in Lubbock?) 

Thursday, February 10, 2005

TMEA Day 1 pics:

Eric and I with Craig Millet from St. Amant HS. He was sitting right behind us at the UNT Wind Symphony concert, so I convinced him to be in a picture with us...

With Eugene Corporon after the UNT Wind Symphony concert (in which they totally rocked out on Stampede):

UNT did a fantastic job, and I'm psyched I made it down here for the concert. More tomorrow!

TMEA 2005!

Eric and Steve will be at TMEA this week for performances of their works:

Thursday night, 8pm, Feb. 10th: UNT Wind Symphony performs Steve's Stampede.
Saturday evening, 6pm, Feb. 12th: 5A All-State band premieres Eric's Lux Aurumque for winds.

Both concerts are in the Lila Cockrell Theater, in San Antonio, Texas. If you're there, please say "howdy!" 

Monday, February 07, 2005

BCM is enjoying a spate of performances this month: Ginny Allen just directed Moon by Night with the Delaware All-State Band, Scott Stewart conducted Dusk, with the GMEA District 12 Clinic Band, Feb. 5th itself saw three separate BCM performances, and there are concerts over the next four days which can only be described like a sing-song mantra: Chunk today, Stampede tomorrow, Chunk on Wed., Stampede on Thurs...

That fourth Stampede performance is at The Texas Music Educators Assoc. Convention in San Antonio, with the Univ. of North Texas Wind Symphony, under the direction of Eugene Corporon. This year's TMEA will feature even more BCM music, with the splashy premiere of Eric's Lux Aurumque, commissioned by TMEA for the 2005 Texas All-State 5a Symphonic Band, Gary Green conductor.

As always, details on all these concerts can be found on our fancy Performance Database. Submit your BCM concert!