BCM International is a consortium of four composers who strive to create high-quality literature for all concert and educational mediums. While diverse in background and stylistic approach, we share a desire to enrich the repertoire with music unbound by traditional thought or idiomatic cliché.

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Monday, June 21, 2004

Just arrived home on the redeye flight from Los Angeles -- Steve, Newman and I flew out to see Eric's Opera Electronica, "Paradise Lost" -- full-length, fully cast, and (almost) fully staged! The story has changed and developed since the last public performance in New York City. And Eric's melding of operatic voice and symphonic orchestration, with trance beats and ambient electronica, is as natural as it is expressive; he's developed a new musical voice that retains all the elements of drama and splendor that we've enjoyed in his concert music, and that is free to explore a near-limitless palette of colors and textures. The leads, Hila Plitmann and Damon Kirsche, are extraordinarily dynamic singers, and yet again, I was amazed by their powerful performances. Eric and David are still tweaking the show during the two-week run, so future shows will be different than the one we saw... but for those of you who are still holding tickets for next week -- you're in for a rare and wonderful experience! 

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Today I'm heading to Columbus, Ohio for a recording session of "Courage & Compassion" with conductor Milt Allen and the Ohio State University Symphonic Band. My very good friend Alan Bise will be the recording engineer, so I'm confident with these talented musicians and Al's technical skill, it's gonna sound great. You'll all hear this on the next BCM CD release!