BCM International is a consortium of four composers who strive to create high-quality literature for all concert and educational mediums. While diverse in background and stylistic approach, we share a desire to enrich the repertoire with music unbound by traditional thought or idiomatic cliché.

The Blog

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Hey everyone - just wanted to share a pic of us at our booth at Midwest. Hope everyone has a great holiday!


Saturday, December 20, 2003

Hey everybody,

First contact since the end of the Midwest Clinic: Jonathan's "Moon By Night" won the National Band Association/ Merrill Jones Young Band Composition Contest! Eric conducted a moving performance of "Sleep" with the Vandercook College Band. And the BIG news is that we're all headed to the 2005 Eric Whitacre/ BCM Concert Band Festival at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia! All in all, a great week -- we were glad for the opportunity to meet a lot of great directors and musicians, and get re-acquainted with old friends.


Sunday, December 14, 2003

Yes, indeed, it's a brand new site design. We really like it...we tried to make it chock-full of new content and useful stuff. Check out everything on the left here and go to town...eventually we'll make this a seamless design with the Discussion Forum, but that will be a little later. Look in this space for news and musings from the four of us...we'll be making our best attempts to blog from the road, from home, from the coffeebar, from Pluto, wherever...we'll keep you up to date and (hopefully) entertained. Let us know your thoughts on the Forum, especially any bugs you find. And be kind, we're composers, not code-munching programmers. We're code-muching composers, it's true, but definitely not programmers.

We'll all be in Chicago next week for the Midwest Clinic, so if you're gonna be there stop by our booth, and if you are not then check this space 'cause oh YEAH will we be bloggin'.

And then they blogged, and they saw it was good. 

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Welcome to the new BCM website 2.0...we're live, and soon we'll be blogging.